Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup Show 2012 Experience

I know I'm very late on posting about this event but I really want to share my experience and the products I've purchased with you guys.

(I look so ugly! but I HAVE to post this because I <3 queen of blending) I didn't purchase too much, since I was on a budget but what I had kept in mind when making my selections was, "what do I need in my kit". Over all my experience was great! What I had looked forward to the most was the work shops and meeting with other industry professionals and beauty gurus.

(Everything I bought)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby girl

Lately I have been bringing my 20 month old daughter with me to my jobs. It's such a challenge to find a babysitter! Plus I'm not comfortable leaving her with complete strangers. So I figured, why not take her with me to my jobs! I pack up a bag full of toy's snacks and movies and bring along my laptop. So far so good. Keep in mind, my daughter is well behaved for her age.

Yesterday I had a shoot with a photographer I work with regularly. Break time came around and he captured this quick shot of my baby girl, as she sat in a chair, swinging her little legs.

Photo: Daniel Alanis

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally own a camera....

I've been absolutely a HORRIBLE blogger. Reason why?... I didn't even own a camera! I was gifted a camera for Christmas so now I'm excited to say I will be blogging a lot more for sure.

I will finally be able to take more photos of my work and behind the scenes type of stuff. Plus things that I just love and enjoy. I will get to share art through my eyes.

Stay tuned! ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Great Holiday Beauty Finds!

Not only are these great cosmetic deals for the holidays but perfect stocking stuffers for makeup lovers!
NARS- All About Cheeks Palette -Sephora's limited edition holiday compact by NARS features a mirror, a bronzer (casino), highlighter (hungry heart) and four highly-pigmented blushes (super orgasm)(desire)(orgasm)(Sin). At a value of ($107) you can get this palette for $65!
SMASH BOX- Click You're It Eye Palette -This palette is an excellent gift for those aspiring and professional artist! With 15 eye shadows, five cream liners, a mini photo lid primer, including "Get-The-Look" cards with step by step instruction. feel flawless for holiday photos with this palette at a value of ($250) for just $49 at Sephora!
STILA- Lip Glaze Set -Pucker up under the mistle toe with deliciously shiny lips with this set of eight lip glazes. Four topselling and four limited edition (kitten)(kaleidoscope)(apricot)(grapefruit)(fantasy)(starfruit)(dreamy)(believe). A value of ($110) going for $25 at Sephora!
MAC- Ice Parade: Bags & Kits -What girl doesn't want MAC for Christmas! These limited-edition "snowglobe" inspired kits will leave those makeup junkies with a delightful smile. Prices starting from $36-$49 is definitely a steal with the type of goodies you get in these bags! Hurry to your nearest MAC counter or store because these tend to go quickly! What is on your beauty christmas wish list?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dollar store beauty steals!

YES! you can find some great beauty products at the dollar store!
I go as often as I can to stock up on beauty products for my makeup kit. If you really take the time to look closely will find great drug store brands and even some fun stuff that is good quality and the best thing is most of it is ONLY 1 DOLLAR! Who can say no to that!

These are my goodies I picked up yesterday on my little trip to the dollar store:
Shimmer chapsticks, Aquafina lip balms and lip oils, Lashes, Physicians formula, two little cosmetic bags and a cute box of tissue.

I got 2 Physicians Formula plump palette in Pink Nudes:

Physicians Formula 4-in-1 concealer palette, one with yellow corrector and the other with green corrector:

Two little cosmetic bags:
I thought these bags were cute and great for holding things like eye and lip pencils and lip glosses.

On they have an article on "How to score dollar store beauty steals". Which they have great tips on dollar store beauty shopping.
- Make sure theres no heat damage.
- Check to see if the package has been opened.
- Shake powders to make sure they are not cracked.
- Make sure the product is clean and has no swatches.
- Always read labels and never buy anything that is in another language you cannot read.
- Go to the dollar store as often as you can because they are always bringing in new stuff. Especially when they have drug store brands, they go quickly because of course its great deal!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LUSH Bath Bombs

I've heard so much about lush and have been wanting to get my hands on the products forever already. I haven't lived in LA for too long but I was finally able to go into a lush store and see all the tasty soaps and creams they have. Everything smelt so delicious, some even good enough to eat.
I spotted this bath bomb for babys and right away I just grabbed the soap because ive been looking for something like it. Well because there were two different soaps in one bin i ended up grabbing the wrong one and didn't realize until i got home.
I grabbed one of the easter edition bath bombs. This one is Hippy Chick and it is a zesty grapefruit bath bomb. It smells SO good and it's really cute and fun so i wasn't really upset for grabbing the wrong one. I will have to go back soon though to pick up the 'Ickle Baby Bot' bath bomb, that has sleep inducing lavender for babys. Which is the one had meant to grab in the first place.

Which one is your favorite bath bomb? Has anyone ever tried the 'Ickle Baby Bot' bath bomb? did you like it, did it really help put your little one to sleep?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Forever 21 Lashes

I've never bought false lashes at F21 before so I decided to give them a try. I thought these ones were pretty and the price of $2.80 is not bad at all!
My eyes get easily irritated and I noticed these lashes have a thick band which of course bugged my eyes. Other than that minor problem, I liked the way they made my eyes look.

Have guys tried false lashes from F21? If so, what is your opinion on them?