Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MAC Pink Friday - Nicki Manaj Lip Stick

I've been developing this thing for Nicki Manaj. Theres something about her I LOVE!

On black friday MAC released the Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday limited edition lipstick and is only available for 4 fridays. I love pink shades of lip stick because it seems to be a color I can always pull off.
Im feeling like this is a product I HAVE to HAVE!!!

The lip stick is such a pretty bright shade of pink in a creamy formula to make the lips appear and feel smooth, which I read, is supposed to be trendy for spring 2011.  <3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mulberry for Target

I've been hearing everyone rave about the Mulberry for Target. The bags are so nice! I really would love to get a couple for myself. Since Christmas is coming up right around the corner, I've been thinking about getting my mom one because she loves purses a lot and I know she will absolutely love a Mulberry. Plus I might stick a bunch of makeup in it to make it more fun for her. Im really excited now! Im definitely going to buy one for myself as well <3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've been pretty busy with school. work, and baby. I moved into my new place in Hollywood. It's little but nice, just need to decorate and make it homey. I haven't had internet for the longest time, which i was dying without! I've been wanting to blog about my classes at school and all the new work i've done. I will be posting pictures soon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheap Makeup

A while ago I bought some eye shadows for a dollar each from down town LA, Fashion District. I got them to use for school since it's just practice and we take off our makeup as soon as we put it on to start on another look so I really didn't want to let the good stuff go to waste. The colors aren't that bad. For a dollar they're actually pretty pigmented. Being busy with my newborn and all, I really haven't put a lot of makeup on since I took my maternity leave from school 3 months ago, so I decided to put some on last night and get a little practice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Postpartum Weight Loss

I gained about 40 pounds with my pregnancy!! i was only trying to gain just 25 but that was hard because I was always hungry. When I had my baby girl, the first week 20 pounds came off like nothing but im sure this was because when i was pregnant I was completely on my own in LA with no car and everything wasnt that far from where i lived, so i just walked everywhere. Then at the end of a super long day of school and 2 jobs, id come home and stretch and maybe do some leg and arm exercises. I tried my hardest to stay in the best shape as possible while I was pregnant.
Today I am exactly 2 mos postpartum and have been working out for 3 weeks already and have ONLY lose 6 pounds. I've realized this is a lot harder then I thought it would be but I need to stick to it because I REFUSE to let my self go just because im a mom now.

One product that I have been using since the week I gave birth and has helped a lot... is the Belly Bandit. It is as good as it looks and sounds because IT WORKS!! Instantly I saw my waist/stomach take its form back and that gut i all of a sudden had after having baby, went away. Belly bandit helped get my stomach flat again and not only that, it also helped me with my posture a gave support to my back while breast feeding and constantly picking up and holding my baby. I would recommend this to anyone after having a baby, especially for csection and you can wear it as soon as the day after you give birth.

Can't wait to go back to school

So i go to school for makeup artistry in Hollywood. It took me forever to find a school like this because I specifically wanted to study anything and everything about makeup! We do everything from Basic salon makeup to, theater, high fashion/photo and FX makeup, plus other little work shops they have outside of school. It is SO fun and I absolutely love it!! I Can't wait to go back! Makeup and Fashion are truly my biggest passions. Unfortunately, I haven't taken a lot of pictures or even good quality pictures of my work because i don't have a camera at the moment but im hoping to get one for my B-DAY but as soon as I do, i'll be posting up pics like crazy. For now I used my cheap camera phone.

Here's one of the last things i did in school before I went on my maternity leave:

The project was Mystical Character/Gypsy.
This project was my favorite because we used a "face lift" type trick. So i was able to make my eyes look asian or make my eyebrows go in an upwards angle.

This was one of my other favorite projects:

This project was Cirque Du Soleil

These were super fun... could use a little work and a little fixing here and there but this was a first time thing. Taking pictures of course though, does help me to critique my work for what i can do next time and what things i can work on to improve.
This was the photo course of the makeup artistry program and I was only able to finish half the course before going on my maternity leave so when i go back to school in september i will have to start all over again... which im fine with! So far the photo course is one of my favorite because the makeup is very high fashion and exaggerated!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back and ready to blog!!

I started this blog a while ago but didn't really get the chance to get to it much because I had moved to L.A, had no computer and was extremely busy! Well im back and excited to be blogging again. I recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Ebony Chanel (Chanel like the designer :D and after super model Chanel Iman) so im on maternity leave from work and school which works out perfect because i pretty much get a summer vacation! Im at my moms and have been enjoying my break and being at home with the baby but I have to admit that i can NOT WAIT to return back to Hollywood (where i attend school for makeup artistry) to continue working hard on my dreams and my career. Plus I miss L.A!! The weather, the food, the people, all the places to go and things to do... I really feel like its my place to be, a place where i fit in so perfectly, a place where i can be ME, a place where i can experience and be inspired by new things everyday! I love it!

Now that i will be able to blog more often I would like to make this blog about a lot of things. Maybe a little bit about my life, my new little family, things i love and make me happy, things that just happen to catch my eye and interest or inspire me. I want to blog a lot about Makeup and my favorite products and post up some of my work, fashion and inspiring celebrity looks. Now that my baby girl is here i'll probably even post about what its like being a young mother, baby fashion and baby products that i like. So pretty much my blog will be a little bit about everything. =D