Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back and ready to blog!!

I started this blog a while ago but didn't really get the chance to get to it much because I had moved to L.A, had no computer and was extremely busy! Well im back and excited to be blogging again. I recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Ebony Chanel (Chanel like the designer :D and after super model Chanel Iman) so im on maternity leave from work and school which works out perfect because i pretty much get a summer vacation! Im at my moms and have been enjoying my break and being at home with the baby but I have to admit that i can NOT WAIT to return back to Hollywood (where i attend school for makeup artistry) to continue working hard on my dreams and my career. Plus I miss L.A!! The weather, the food, the people, all the places to go and things to do... I really feel like its my place to be, a place where i fit in so perfectly, a place where i can be ME, a place where i can experience and be inspired by new things everyday! I love it!

Now that i will be able to blog more often I would like to make this blog about a lot of things. Maybe a little bit about my life, my new little family, things i love and make me happy, things that just happen to catch my eye and interest or inspire me. I want to blog a lot about Makeup and my favorite products and post up some of my work, fashion and inspiring celebrity looks. Now that my baby girl is here i'll probably even post about what its like being a young mother, baby fashion and baby products that i like. So pretty much my blog will be a little bit about everything. =D

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