Monday, July 19, 2010

Can't wait to go back to school

So i go to school for makeup artistry in Hollywood. It took me forever to find a school like this because I specifically wanted to study anything and everything about makeup! We do everything from Basic salon makeup to, theater, high fashion/photo and FX makeup, plus other little work shops they have outside of school. It is SO fun and I absolutely love it!! I Can't wait to go back! Makeup and Fashion are truly my biggest passions. Unfortunately, I haven't taken a lot of pictures or even good quality pictures of my work because i don't have a camera at the moment but im hoping to get one for my B-DAY but as soon as I do, i'll be posting up pics like crazy. For now I used my cheap camera phone.

Here's one of the last things i did in school before I went on my maternity leave:

The project was Mystical Character/Gypsy.
This project was my favorite because we used a "face lift" type trick. So i was able to make my eyes look asian or make my eyebrows go in an upwards angle.

This was one of my other favorite projects:

This project was Cirque Du Soleil

These were super fun... could use a little work and a little fixing here and there but this was a first time thing. Taking pictures of course though, does help me to critique my work for what i can do next time and what things i can work on to improve.
This was the photo course of the makeup artistry program and I was only able to finish half the course before going on my maternity leave so when i go back to school in september i will have to start all over again... which im fine with! So far the photo course is one of my favorite because the makeup is very high fashion and exaggerated!

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