Monday, July 19, 2010

Postpartum Weight Loss

I gained about 40 pounds with my pregnancy!! i was only trying to gain just 25 but that was hard because I was always hungry. When I had my baby girl, the first week 20 pounds came off like nothing but im sure this was because when i was pregnant I was completely on my own in LA with no car and everything wasnt that far from where i lived, so i just walked everywhere. Then at the end of a super long day of school and 2 jobs, id come home and stretch and maybe do some leg and arm exercises. I tried my hardest to stay in the best shape as possible while I was pregnant.
Today I am exactly 2 mos postpartum and have been working out for 3 weeks already and have ONLY lose 6 pounds. I've realized this is a lot harder then I thought it would be but I need to stick to it because I REFUSE to let my self go just because im a mom now.

One product that I have been using since the week I gave birth and has helped a lot... is the Belly Bandit. It is as good as it looks and sounds because IT WORKS!! Instantly I saw my waist/stomach take its form back and that gut i all of a sudden had after having baby, went away. Belly bandit helped get my stomach flat again and not only that, it also helped me with my posture a gave support to my back while breast feeding and constantly picking up and holding my baby. I would recommend this to anyone after having a baby, especially for csection and you can wear it as soon as the day after you give birth.

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