Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup Show 2012 Experience

I know I'm very late on posting about this event but I really want to share my experience and the products I've purchased with you guys.

(I look so ugly! but I HAVE to post this because I <3 queen of blending) I didn't purchase too much, since I was on a budget but what I had kept in mind when making my selections was, "what do I need in my kit". Over all my experience was great! What I had looked forward to the most was the work shops and meeting with other industry professionals and beauty gurus.

(Everything I bought)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby girl

Lately I have been bringing my 20 month old daughter with me to my jobs. It's such a challenge to find a babysitter! Plus I'm not comfortable leaving her with complete strangers. So I figured, why not take her with me to my jobs! I pack up a bag full of toy's snacks and movies and bring along my laptop. So far so good. Keep in mind, my daughter is well behaved for her age.

Yesterday I had a shoot with a photographer I work with regularly. Break time came around and he captured this quick shot of my baby girl, as she sat in a chair, swinging her little legs.

Photo: Daniel Alanis

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally own a camera....

I've been absolutely a HORRIBLE blogger. Reason why?... I didn't even own a camera! I was gifted a camera for Christmas so now I'm excited to say I will be blogging a lot more for sure.

I will finally be able to take more photos of my work and behind the scenes type of stuff. Plus things that I just love and enjoy. I will get to share art through my eyes.

Stay tuned! ;)