Monday, June 27, 2011

Dollar store beauty steals!

YES! you can find some great beauty products at the dollar store!
I go as often as I can to stock up on beauty products for my makeup kit. If you really take the time to look closely will find great drug store brands and even some fun stuff that is good quality and the best thing is most of it is ONLY 1 DOLLAR! Who can say no to that!

These are my goodies I picked up yesterday on my little trip to the dollar store:
Shimmer chapsticks, Aquafina lip balms and lip oils, Lashes, Physicians formula, two little cosmetic bags and a cute box of tissue.

I got 2 Physicians Formula plump palette in Pink Nudes:

Physicians Formula 4-in-1 concealer palette, one with yellow corrector and the other with green corrector:

Two little cosmetic bags:
I thought these bags were cute and great for holding things like eye and lip pencils and lip glosses.

On they have an article on "How to score dollar store beauty steals". Which they have great tips on dollar store beauty shopping.
- Make sure theres no heat damage.
- Check to see if the package has been opened.
- Shake powders to make sure they are not cracked.
- Make sure the product is clean and has no swatches.
- Always read labels and never buy anything that is in another language you cannot read.
- Go to the dollar store as often as you can because they are always bringing in new stuff. Especially when they have drug store brands, they go quickly because of course its great deal!



Auntie Reggie said...

I love love finding deals on great cosmetics. Right now I love trying out the new E.L.F products. By far the best eyelash curler for $1.00! BTW I love the cosmetic bags you got!

Amanda Janina said...

Thank you! I definitely will try out the E.L.F eyelash curler. I really need a new one! lol

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

OMG I love the Dollar Store lol. I always pass by whenever I get a chance lol. I've used those Select false lashes and they're actually not bad at all. I get the ones with the clear band because those are more easier to work with.

Good luck to your coming makeup gig. I hope to see photos :).

My kit is not the best but it works lol. I'm still working on getting more and better stuff.

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

hey how do i follow your blog? I don't see any follow button.

Amanda Janina said...

Let me put one up! I thought there automatically would be one but i dont know what happened to it. Thanks for the comment =)

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

Hello hun didn't know you had a blog and so happy I bumped into it.... Welcome to blogging world!!
Can't wait to check back on your post !
Of course Im following ya!
Blessings !

M said...

nice:) good tips

MizzBeautyology said...

HEy this is a good idea the dollar store has good cheap stuff... I am also following since i really enjoyed ur blog
much love xoxo