Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby girl

Lately I have been bringing my 20 month old daughter with me to my jobs. It's such a challenge to find a babysitter! Plus I'm not comfortable leaving her with complete strangers. So I figured, why not take her with me to my jobs! I pack up a bag full of toy's snacks and movies and bring along my laptop. So far so good. Keep in mind, my daughter is well behaved for her age.

Yesterday I had a shoot with a photographer I work with regularly. Break time came around and he captured this quick shot of my baby girl, as she sat in a chair, swinging her little legs.

Photo: Daniel Alanis


TamaraB♡ said...

This is soooo so so precious. I am like you, I don't want to leave her with just anybody. Its crazy what we have to worry about these days. :(
If you can, I'd say let her keep going with you. It helps her be self-reliant to have fun by herself while you work.

Amanda Janina said...

Thats so true about being self-reliant and I didn't even think about it in that way. I've had such bad experiences with babysitters. So I'm extremely happy that im able to bring her along with me. Maybe when she's older she can be my asisstant!

TamaraB♡ said...

Yea. That's how I feel. I never have had to leave my daughter(14months) with anyone else besides my husband and I swear, You really have to be careful who you trust. That is cool that she is able be with you. How fun!

Anonymous said...

I so feel you on that one. Good luck to you. When my oldest was born I was on and off with her dad so pretty much a single mom, but I was lucky enought to have my mom. I trusted someone I didnt know just to find out they were not doing there job. Its so hard now days. I am a stay at home mom and would have to face finding a sitter again if I decided to get back into the work force which makes me so glad I dont have to..Keep the faith hun..PS if would be an honor if you were to read my blog possibly subb and enter my giveaway..

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Ps your one of the lucky few that can bring kids to work..All places should so have onsite childcare

Amanda Janina said...

Im in a similar situation with the father of my child and everything else you're talking about. It's nice to hear of people who are or once were in my position and I can relate to. :)