Thursday, January 20, 2011


We have been introduced to airbrush in the HD TV course at school. Im discovering that i absolutely love it! It sucks though that a good quality airbrush machine is just a bit pricey but it's definitely something I would like to invest in buying. Especially because you can use it for so many things than just makeup.
This is a demo for a "fanciful" project my teacher did on me using airbrush and stencils to creat the illusion of skin texture.
Doesn't it look so cool!
I still have a lot of practice to get in before I can say im confident in using airbrush for professional use... I barely just learned how to use it a week ago but with time I will be able to do work just as good.


Venus In Virgo said...

OMG! That's fabulous, your got skills :) Please feel free to come join my blog and enter my giveaway if you like and I'll follow you back XOXO

Venus In Virgo said...

Now following you, thanks! XOXO

Shabana said...

all i can say is wowza! good job!

Amanda Janina said...

@Venus In Virgo: Im following you aswell. Love your blog! ;)