Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aging w/duo and balloon rubber

Theres so many techniques to use when it comes to aging. One of them for HDTV is using duo and balloon rubber. It has a long application time because you do have to stipple on, blow dry and build up onto the skin to creat a certain skin texture but the materials are more affordable and have the least amount of prep time.

So we used this particular technique in class today:
YIKES!! I look so old :(
It was very creepy seeing myself this way, especially on the neck...
Even the texture felt like real wrinkly skin!
I thought i'd be silly and take a picture that looked like i was pealing off my skin...
BUT this is actually a big NO NO!
After some time, especially if you are in the heat; the balloon rubber starts to peal on its own and it's so tempting just to peal it like a mask. You do not want to do this though because one: it hurts! and theres a chance the balloon rubber stuck to some peach fuzz... it feels like pulling off a band-aid. Also theres a chance that while pealing away, skin can come with it. It pulls and stretched the skin and it's just painful.

The smart thing to do is take a warm wash cloth and soak your face with it, which will make it a lot easier to remove.

Today was just practice but I will have to do a full face aging with duo and balloon rubber for my final project. Aswell as add skin tone variations, age spots, sun damadge and all that fun stuff!

Can't wait! =)


Shabana said...

yikes! looks scary!

Henar said...

Aww, this is very beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


Amanda Janina said...

Thank you!

Siri Elaine said...

This is awesome! Very cool! I am totally following your blog! SIRI ELAINE